September 19, 2014

Liberty Island

The first in a series of New York posts. Here's how it started. It was about week 4 during the university semester and a group of my closest friends embarked on a journey around the USA. Unfortunately I could no go because I had work and university commitments. Crying a lot after my friends departed, I realised I had a gap in my assessment and work schedule for the first two weeks of September. This coincided with NYFW, my flight attendant bestie could get me a cheap ticket and it was also his birthday on September 1st... so essentially... I told myself I would regret it if I didn't take a leap of faith and just follow my heart to go to the city I had always dreamed of. I spent the next two weeks doing all my assessments early and getting work sorted. Traveling on a staff ticket was also stressful because I had to wait on standby and I actually got on the last empty seat on the plane!

I actually didn't do much on my first morning in NYC. The city's night life and a 24 hour flight had taken it's toll. After incubating in my hotel room for 24 hours, we headed to downtown New York to see Lady Liberty in action. 

The ferry to actually get onto Liberty Island had 3hr wait so we opted to take the ferry to Staten Island instead because there was no wait time and you cruise right in front of the green lady anyway.

View of NYC from the ferry. 

The friends I traveled with. 

Everybody scrambling to get a good shot of the city from the south.  

August 30, 2014

Black Excellence

My guide on how to be a ninja...a fashionable ninja? In my travels to LA earlier this year, there was no single style that I was more intrigued by than the street goth aesthetic. I first came across the style in downtown LA, a troop of well dressed men skirted around my best friend and I. At first I was taken aback, they looked like some kind of underground urban gang. However as the parade of black cape hoodies over and underlying snapbacks and bronson fedoras began to depart from us, I could not help but be drawn to their mystery and elegance. 

I also realised that this way of dressing would be perfect when I returned back to the Sydney Autumn. I have always been obsessed with black so my intrigue was persistent. This way of dressing is as the name suggests utilities a lot of black and white, and thus means the interest of the outfit tends more toward layering, textures and prints. If you have been following hip hop culture recently, the likes of A$AP Rocky have adopted this way of dressing. And so began my mission during my holiday month to garner pieces warm pieces of monochrome clothing that I could layer and hood myself in. I initially thought I would have to seek a lot of the items in underground avant-garde boutiques but to my surprise, found a lot of usable items in regular labels. It's really your intent and how you coordinate multiple items together that changes your perspective on regular items. 


Credits: Lark Visuals

August 25, 2014


This post was inspired by my travels to Los Angeles in February. It was the exact outfit I wore to the happiest place on the planet - Disneyland! I had previously purchased the jersey from Disneyland Adventure Park. The entire look is a travel-tourist inspired look that also crosses on the trajectory of 2014 sportwear. Again, I'm wearing my favourite pair of socks again. It's nothing too complicated, it's simply comfortable clothing that you'd be happy wearing while lugging a big camera and running around like a child going on rollercoasters and attractions.

More Disneyland Photos coming!

  • Mickey Mouse Baseball Jersey (Disney)
  • Washed Black Chino Shorts (Topman)
  • Dope Socks (Dope)
  • All Black Chucks (Converse)
  • Clubmasters (Rayban)

August 23, 2014

Travel | Santa Monica Pier

Long story short, I traveled to LA from Sydney not simply for the purpose of the vacation, but with the intention of meeting someone I believed was the love of my life at the time. But human promises are not eternal or golden, and after I came home to Sydney, the world had lost a bit of magic. When someone tells you they love you, and then proceed to threaten to harm you if you leave, you should know they are lying. 

Nonetheless, I think the early 20s are the best time for anyone to be in a long distance relationship. We are finding ourselves, we are naive and we are reckless. We find out that people may not be the what they appear to be. When things end badly, we find it harder to trust someone like that again, we grow a little cynical about the world but we learn to be prudent and protect ourselves before we grow into full adults. It's also a great time to go through these things because if things do work out for you two, you could realise that the oceans between you and your other half are nothing compared to what you have. Unfortunately this was not the case for me. Nonetheless I will always love this place.

The zeitgest of this place, and very much how I felt when visiting this place is encapsulated by the song below. The song is about dreaming about both the past and future, to have fond memories with someone that appear distant and imagining the life you would have had with them if you hadn't parted.

Goodbye My Santa Monica Dream.

There is something mystical about this place. It is the West Coast's version of Coney Island. It is thoroughly used in pop culture. It is scenic, it is busy, it is peaceful and timeless. After hours of shopping at Third Street Promenade, my best friend and I trekked toward the jetty on a warm Winter afternoon. 

The beach house, flat sand dunes, skaters, volleyballers are as American as you can imagine the beach to be. It was peaceful and quiet because it was Winter, but I can only imagine how lively this place would be in the heat of Summer.

The restaurant at the end of the jetty where we had a cosy dinner. Food was cheap, but it did not taste like it. I remember laughing over drinks and hearing the echo of the busker at the end of the jetty - she had the voice of a superstar which matched the soothing throbbing of the ocean against the wooden poles that upheld the pier.

Our night concluded with a rather bizarre street show by a group of young children who we could see really did not want to be there. They did a medley dance to Michael Jackson and the father prompted them to demand money from the crowd. It was one of the not so great things we saw in LA, but who knows, hopefully these kids grow up to be superstars.

Detroit Dope

So our shoot started off rather not so smoothly. I had forgotten to place my clothing in a wheel-able bag and had to knick a trolley from the mall to transport it in a bulky carry bag. I then had to ditch the trolley when entering the University, and lug a bulky 10kg+ bag across campus for 30 minutes (I hope the stress doesn't show in my face). We were about to shoot and then we were expelled from the premises by security because my photographer's lighting equipment looked "too professional" for a blog shoot. Tragic start aside, we had to make do with a new location. 

The look uses classic and standard textures, denim jacket and plain black chinos to put focus on print and accents. I'm always looking for ways to have elements of my look that makes it stand out. I love back print jackets and opted for this Detroit Print, sport themed (66) Jacket. The focus on print is then drawn down to my DOPE socks I am currently obsessed with and my (oh so) casually rolled up pants. Mesh material is also all the craze this season and I thought it had a nice contrast to my denim outerwear. 

  • Detroit Print Denim Jacket (ASOS)
  • Black Washed Chino Pants (Industrie)
  • DOPE print B/W Socks (Dope)
  • Floral Print Mesh Material Shirt (Topman)
  • Brass Eagle Model Necklace
  • All Black Chucks (Converse)
And here is a rather commercial portrait style shot my photographer insisted was magic!

August 10, 2014

My ASOS Giveaway!

In line with my position at ASOS, we are giving away 3x$300 ASOS vouchers as well as an exclusive $100 voucher exclusive to my own competition. This is a twosie competition so grab a friend and participate!

  1. Take a photo with a buddy, colleague or partner in crime and tag it on instagram #thehundredproject. You will be in the running to win the $300 vouchers. The hundred project is an initiative by ASOS to inspire creativity and expression - post 100 outfits in 2014 and you will receive one year's 25% off all ASOS products!
  2. Tag the photo #asosusyd to be in the running for the extra $100 voucher that will be selected by me!
  3. If you want a permanent 10% discount subscribe to our ASOS email here where there will occasionally be a spike up to 25% discount off all products! You can unsubscribe at any time! 
  4. Closes 11:59pm Australian EST 11/08/2014
There will also be prize packs for the boys and girls: 
** Menswear pack
- 2 x backpacks, 1 grey & 1 purple
- 2 x beanies, 1 grey & 1 teal
- 2 x sunglasses, 1 tortoise & 1 black
- 2 x $59 ASOS vouchers

** Womenswear pack
- 2 x leather clutches, 1 yellow & 1 teal
- 2 x cat eye sunnies, 1 tortoise & 1 grey
- 2 x Barry M Lip Paint, 1 pink & 1 orange
- 2 x iPhone cases, rose gold with "BEST BITCHES" print
- 2 x $48 ASOS vouchers

Some entrants include: