"There's this idea of elevating the everyday that I've always been attracted to"

-Alexander Wang

Just Do It

December 20, 2014

Ever feel like you don't have passions for things that your friends and family seem to have. Like you don't have that one creative outlet or hobby that everyone keeps rambling on about? I could try to inspire you by verbosely and eloquently presenting my mantra on how to achieve great things but I think we sometimes learn best through stories.

I reminisce upon a time when I was 19. I was at some kind of youth convention, and such as the nature of such events, they berated us with questions like, "What are your interests? What are you most passionate about?" As the AA-esque circle of Q&A made its way around to me, my mind was literally darting from every corner of my experiences to try to find any substance that would result in the semblance of a semi decent answer.

I had quit soccer, drawing, Chinese school and piano at a young age. My life comprised of going to a school where I didn't have many friends, returning home to the quotidian routine of both equally mindless homework and an obsession with video games. Such a realisation began to build a tension within me...

U R What U Wear

December 11, 2014

One second I'm in clothes, and suddenly the clothes are me

We pondered over casual cafe conversation about the possibilities of fashion and art as two separate fields, but came to the conclusion that they will always be one and that there is room for them to intermingle in new ways. Angela tells me she takes inspiration from random moments of madness and visions of surrealist additions to an otherwise quotidian photo. So we begin shooting in a crazy fashion. I jump, jerk and twist in shameless fashion (pun intended!), hoping to spark the muse inside of her with the oh-so-sought-after spark of inspiration. 

...And then a concept arose. U R WHAT U WEAR. It's straight forward. Fashion is the instant language we want to convey to those around us. From your jacket's fabric, to the crystalline contortion of your bejewed necklace, to the laces of your shoes - it is part of who you are. It's such a broad and beautiful idea, I have no idea where it will take me. 

One second, I was in a suit and now I believe the suit is me. Everything is phenomenological and we always believe that:

L I F E   I M I T A T E S   A R T

A FASHION x ART collaboration with @drawntoyou

Some of Angela's other artworks:
The treacherous entanglement of the unseen.

Life imitates nature.

For more of her work, click for HER WEBSITE 

Nothing But Shine

December 10, 2014

Simplicity is complex. It's never simple to keep things simple. Simple solutions require the most advanced thinking.

An epiphany struck me. Somehow, the absence of a collar (which is my new obsession!) spoke to me about tearing away things you expect to be there, or have always been there, and seeing the value of blank spaces. Minimalism essentially - the idea that the possibility and imagination that is brought about by vacancy is greater than any tangible object you could originally fill that space with. 

The absence of any tip-collars, tie-accessories as well as button detail lets the crisp whiteness of a well fitted shirt for itself as well as the lustre of a unornamented suit. We often get caught up on over-accessorising and picking statement pieces with loud prints and embroidery, but forget that brick wall our minds put up when we are bombarded with a multitude of things at once. It's like a 1000 words in one sentence, being completely meaningless, whereas a few words could mean so much more - only is an aesthetic sense. It's about leaving more to our imagination.

And it is really easy to make a statement under the guise of in-your-face attire, but I've recently become intrigued with the idea of well-cut, materially unique and sleek fitted basics that speak in terms of quality and balance rather than excess. It's very easy to garner attention on the street with a plethora of tattoos, and a longline tee with heavy paisley detailing, like I've worn before, and there is nothing wrong with this - but I have recently found a greater personal appreciation for simplicity.  

What I'm wearing:
Button & Collar-less Shirt (ASOS)
Black Lustre Suit (Politix)
Graphite Watch (Burberry)
Leather Carry Bag (Ben Sherman) 
Clubmasters (Rayban)  

Black Excellence

December 05, 2014

My guide on how to be a ninja...a fashionable ninja? In my travels to LA earlier this year, there was no single style that I was more intrigued by than the street goth aesthetic. I first came across the style in downtown LA, a troop of well dressed men skirted around my best friend and I. At first I was taken aback, they looked like some kind of underground urban gang. However as the parade of black cape hoodies over and underlying snapbacks and bronson fedoras began to depart from us, I could not help but be drawn to their mystery and elegance.

I also realised that this way of dressing would be perfect when I returned back to the Sydney Autumn. I have always been obsessed with black so my intrigue was persistent. This way of dressing is as the name suggests utilities a lot of black and white, and thus means the interest of the outfit tends more toward layering, textures and prints. If you have been following hip hop culture recently, the likes of A$AP Rocky have adopted this way of dressing. And so began my mission during my holiday month to garner pieces warm pieces of monochrome clothing that I could layer and hood myself in. I initially thought I would have to seek a lot of the items in underground avant-garde boutiques but to my surprise, found a lot of usable items in regular labels. It's really your intent and how you coordinate multiple items together that changes your perspective on regular items. 
What I'm wearing
Cocaine & Caviar Snapback (Diamonds and Millionaires)
Black Cape Hood (Zara)
Monochrome White Kicks (Aldo)
White Tee (Ralph Lauren)
Black Chinos (Industrie) 
Round Rim Vintage Sunglasses (Zero UV Eyewear)

Credits: Lark Visuals

Monochrome Kicks | Style

November 30, 2014

They often come in different shapes and sizes to suit guys of all body types and preferences, and you slip them on...yes you thought right: Monochrome Kicks! I first came across the style while traveling to LA earlier this year, and now it's everywhere in the USA and down under. It pretty much follows the color blocking principle but is applied to footwear as opposed to clothing. For me, I see these style of shoes really working with an urban and sleek look. If you have any other suggestions of how to wear them fashionably, shoot them in the comments section below.

Read more for some of own and suggestions on how to wear them.


November 25, 2014

If you don't recognise the setting, my photographer and I found the nicest little gem of a spot directly in a construction site under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was extremely noisy so I'm glad (for our ear's sake) that photography is a silent media. If you're ever in Sydney, know that the view below the bridge is as enthralling as the conventional view of the bridge from a distance.

I'm still not very good at posing (but I'm learning) and the chemistry between my photographer and I is still developing but it's a great learning experience with every shoot. Honestly, one year ago I never thought I would be fashion blogging and now I'm still weirded out by the fact that I do it but I know that I've always had a passion for styling and making sure things are presentable. Things are still coming together for me but I can honestly say that this is something I simply love doing and a channel to express my creativity. So for anyone reading, it's absolutely vital that you take immediate steps to pursue things your interested in. Don't put it off, the idea of starting this scared me because I feel out of my depth and it's also something I know I need to put a lot of time into, but that's why it's something I feel like I should do. "If you're dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough."

My obsession with monochrome may become apparent to you soon, but just like my plaid outfit, I sometimes like to put focus on an element of the outfit that differs from the others, and with this outfit I'm trying to direct all the attention to the Chinga jacket's floral sleeve. The detailing extends to the yoke of the jacket and along the bottom hem. The vibe from the print is slightly oriental, but the overall look and feel of the outfit was inspired by my observation of LA street wear in February 2014. 
What I'm wearing 
Floral Sleeve Hoody (Chinga Clothing)
Leather Band Sweats (Zara)
Cocaine and Caviar Hat (Diamonds & Millionaires Clothing Co)
B/W Sweet Classic Suede Sneakers (Nike)

Photo Credit: Lark Visuals
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