Hippie State of Mind

June 23, 2015

Hippie State of Mind

I'm not sure if you've noticed but I've been a bit less active lately. Here is why...


In a recent media article, they interviewed a 100 year old lady who had endured a miscarriage, sexual, emotional and physical abuse by the hands of her long time husband for 27 years - and they asked her - what is the secret to life? She answered it simply and happily:

"Life is about riding the highs and the lows"

Communal braiding and floral arrangements in one's hair. Hydroponic weed, peace tattoos, singing Kumbuya in grassy circles and psychedelic rainbow euphoria. That is NOT the hippie that I'm talking about. Well maybe the rainbow part. Anyway, if you've read my About Me, you would have gotten an understanding of who I was as a person.

And in February of this year, I was on the very cusp of the lowest low my life had ever fallen to. I had spent years and years, with no friends and people that made fun of me while I was trying to hide parts of myself from everyone. I remember lying in bed many nights crying thinking that no one would ever want me and my only dream I held onto while growing up alone was professional success and having even a few people acknowledge me.

This February, after finally getting on a high from moving on from my most recent break up, getting my dream job, garnering traction in my fashion career and getting shallow and vapid attention from boys, I had an existential crisis in which everything I had ever worked toward in my life and each and every struggle I endured, even through loneliness, gave me absolutely no meaning to my life. The things I chased were all vain, hollow and a chasing of the wind …

Thus came the worst two months of my life: riddled with taking and doing things that were not great for my soul and body, depression, hospital visits, pain-staking medication, and social quarrels. 


On a recent weekend, I had a complete change of viewpoint about life. It wasn't something said, or even a direct action but a friend's attitude that somehow gave me meaning to my life. To live a life of love, spreading love and creating love. All the depression and need for attention began to fade away…

In my 22 years living, I really can agree with that 100 year old, it is a series of riding the ups and the downs - knowing that it is part of the destiny of being human.

And an even more integral part of being human is relating to one another. I found that my friends helped me through this depression. Did you know that when you move your hands toward yourself in the motion of a hug, your brain releases endorphins that makes you happy and that when you gesture in the motion of pushing something away, your brain's Modula Oblongata raises feelings of tension. We are PHYSIOLOGICALLY WIRED TO LOVE! 

And thus, I think my hollowness began to fill in with the new doctrine of love. I want to take each day as a blessing as it comes and enjoy the unexpected journey that is life - every single day, there is something to work toward and an adventure and opportunities to love. Many people say, they've never met a happy rich person. This is just a saying but my understanding of this is that the rich don't appreciate the small things. The key to happiness is contentment in any situation and to enjoy even the smallest pleasures life has to offer, which for me are weird things like staring out bus windows and drawing a story about the people you see on the city streets. It's small things like that. 

Life is about creating things in love. If you insert this idea into any situation, it is immediately given purpose and direction. Whether it is your friends, family, lover, yourself, what you do, loving the city you live in or even clouds in the sky or a summer breeze. None of this 30-70 bullshit. I believe in loving to my very bones. Unrequited or unequal love between people is as legitimate love as mutual love, just because the other does not love you back as much, doesn't take from the value of your own love that comes out of yourself. So here's to a life of loving each other, and encouraging one another to live in love, and also to love life itself - high and lows of each and every day inclusive.

 I call it a hippie state of mind. 

Aether Way

May 25, 2015

I feel like, I'm finally growing up...


What I'm wearing:
Latex Black Raincoat (Rains)
Striped Tee (Topman)
Waxy Black Chinos (Industrie)
B/W Free Runners (Nike)
Cocaine & Caviar Snapback (Crooks & Castles)
Iridescent Green Shades (ZeroUV)
Graphite Watch (Burberry)


April 25, 2015

Topman wanted me to stray away from my normal streetwear and try a semi-formal look appropriate for the Australian Summer. I am honestly, at this point, still learning so much about different facets of fashion. When you think you've understood something like urban, hip-hop inspired streetwear, there's always sartorial, fashion, semi-formal, sport-luxe, full-formal and an infinite amount of fashion sub-genres to explore. I'm hoping you bare with me and I brave out on new fronts and enter territory that I can honestly admit to say, I am not 100% confident in. 
If you are unfamiliar with something, always use the knowledge you have in the field to best suit the ask. There are always constants in general fashion, and your own style that you can apply to all different contexts. 

For this look, I relied heavily on:
  • A reliable colour scheme - navy and beige. Tried and trusted, this is a classic combination that I go for and know will work in a lot of situations. 
  • The idea of salience - never overload an outfit with too many points of interest. Coco Chanel put it metaphorically as "always remove one accessory before you leave the house" - pretty much meaning that simplicity and focus on a key element is desirable. 
  • Focusing on basics - constants like ensuring that something fits perfectly, is suitable for your body shape etc.
  • Sticking to classics - you can't go wrong in a suit...
Full outfit details below 6 photos down.
What I'm wearing:
Beige Suit/Pants (Topman)
Striped Tee (Topman)
Straw Boat Shoes (Topman)
Sunglasses (Rayban)

Photocreds: Tafa Rock


April 02, 2015

The location we shot at was by at Manly Dam. I'm obsessed with urban infrastructure and vectors, so when I found this dam, I freaked out. To add to this creative commotion, it was also the photographer's hour...

I'm intrigued by a conglomeration of the alternative, urban streetwear and the twisting of everyday trends into something...simply...me. I don't know if it's because my short attention span or interest a multitude of things, but to fit one specific genre of style is an concept that I a lot of times find not very interesting. It goes with my mantra of maintaining a soulfulness you have yet to give - in the way you carry yourself and especially the way you dress. To me, fashion is not just clothes. It is perpetually intertwined with music, pop culture, and art history. 

The plaid shirt around the waist has been a trend in urban streetwear for the past couple of years (very Yeezy), and I like the concept with the added element of ombre plaid. I love the idea of all black everybody has been doing recently (things that Raf Simmons and Alexander Wang have been ushering for years), but what creates a talking point of the difference you can create with this - leather pants, diamond textured sweater and rough flannel around the waist (see close up 3 photos down). 

The Alexander Wang sandals and Reebok socks give the entire a relaxed feel with a blend of the high fashion. It's also that one weird point in the outfit - something I always like having. It's a talking point, it's polarising, it's ugly, it's beautiful. 

Remember, it's not about conventional for others, or weird for the sake of standing out. Style is such a visceral sense. It is literally what you choose that makes you feel like the clothes you don are right for the person you are. 

Full outfit details below: 
What I'm wearing:
Diamond textured Sweater (Topman)
Gold Diamond Shaped Necklace (ASOS)
Plaid Waist Shirt (Urban Outfitters)
Golden Digital Watch (Timex)
Sandals (Alexander Wang x HM)
Black Classic Snapback (Nike)

Griffith Observatory 2 | Los Angeles Hills

March 22, 2015

My best friend and I drove through the richest suburbs in California's north, to the iconic Griffith Observatory. Situated upon hilltops, the iconic site overlooks Los Angeles' vast cityscape. We were lucky enough to be there on an evening when the sunset made the sky look like a blend of velvet-y lavender and cotton candy.

We went our separate ways for most of the adventure at Griffith. It was a particular pensive time for me. I had traveled to LA to meet, but things ended otherwise to how I would have imagined. Still, the trip was the greatest time of my life. It was the first time I had traveled somewhere without my family. It was the furthest I'd ever been from home. It was the most independently time of my life.

The drone of thousands of  Californian trucks and cars, and just the hustle and bustle of everyday life, means the outlook is never silent. You feel as if some kind of deity looking down at human life. The same feeling you get by the windows of an airborne plane. Toward the left side of the lookout, there is a clear view of the high rise building of downtown LA. Unlike Sydney, the suburban sprawl is neatly laid on in a grid system, and at sundown, highways and streets are looking like rivers of flowing gold light - great for long exposure photos.

If you look up, there is a natural lightshow of its own. The stars and the moon somehow shine brighter when you are away from the lights of the city. There are telescopes on the premises. For those that don't know, Griffith was originally constructed as a sight for astrological research and observation. We enjoyed the view so much, we stayed until it was completely dark sans the artifical lighting. When I'm back to LA, I know I will be coming back.

Enjoy the photos below:


March 17, 2015

Inspiration comes to me in the most unexpected of ways. There I was, watching the 2014 VSFS, and the gypsy segment got me thinking of kimonos and silk throws. I began reflecting on this, but I personally did not want to wear anything like that. They were simply too flowy for me and I am not really personally into traditional oriental wear (not that there would be a problem if I was). Further down the track, this trail of thought evolved as I started listening to Washed Out's new LP, Paracosm. I started envisioning rich fern-like foliage and technicolour coats in the vein of Joseph of Egypt. 

Result: A blend of silk, an eclectic palette shot in the bush land of Sydney.

Again, I am following my mantra of utilising neutrality and minimalism to direct focus to the salient element of an outfit. I found this pure silk and rainbow shirt on an online op-shop and immediately fell in love with its rustic print. It also has the flow of a kimono but essentially maintains the structure of a more masculine shirt. I put it together with an All Saints bronson fedora I snagged on Soho, New York. Hope you like it! Full Outfit details below. 

What I'm Wearing:
Bronson Fedora (All Saints)
Black Tee (Topman)
Black Suede Boots (Windsor Smith)
Pure Silk Gypsy Shirt (TBC)
Black Waxy Chinos (Industrie)

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