Learning to Talk

February 22, 2015

I've wanted to share things about myself for a while, but I must first let you know it won't be dramatic or exciting, it might even be quite boring to you. It doesn't involve love, violence or poverty - only a poverty of the mind and a poverty of the connections around me. 

For the longest time I was excited to journey along unknown roads in new cities, meeting new people, building new relationships and being completely free to be myself. But for the longest time, I felt exactly like the picture above, nor did I have anyone to go with or the courage to go.

I did not know many other kids in elementary school, I somehow, preferred to spend time at home with my mother and my twin brother. I remember reciting Shakespearean poetry to myself and singing to myself to pass the time at recess and lunch. This was completely fine with me. The best days were spent in the densely bushed backyard and hidden forests that surrounded my house in imaginary leafy kingdoms fighting shadowy antagonists.

In high school, other kids had their own little cliques, and their best friends and I really did want to be part of it. But the opposite started to happen for me. I remember I clung to one of my first friends I made during recess and lunch because I was so happy I had made a friends but other people commented that I followed him around "like a dog" so our friendship ended. Worse things happened throughout the years that had me upset in private and public - I had one or two good friends but it was always a struggle.

In retrospect, what this did to me was that I felt like couldn't always do the things I wanted because I thought other people were better than me. That for some reason, my opinion was invalid, that I didn't have the intellect or EQ to even contribute to an everyday conversation. I never spoke unless spoken to. School speeches and presentations had me in visceral fear weeks before. I liked things that people thought were weird. I was into video games, underground Japanese anime, Queen, Bruce Springsteen and avidly following Fashion Weeks.

Somehow, it took making my first real long lasting friend at university to begin feeling I could contribute to anything. I began surrounding myself with encouraging people, not necessarily those who were the most popular or successful - there was only one characteristic that stood out to me - genuinely nice. 

They told me that I should embrace all the weird things about myself because one day it would be all the things I love about myself.

And another quote:

We don't have any money. We're not famous. There's no paparazzi chasing us, but when we walk down the street, people wonder who we are. That's that inner fame. That's that swagger. It is that inner sense of passion for your art, your style and your knowledge about what you do that is infectious. Nobody knows who you are, but everybody wants to. Until the lie becomes the truth.

Going nice goes a long way and the people around me started to change my life. Now, a few years later, I can see how my life took a complete. I'm still heading toward that 180, but the greatest feeling is knowing my trajectory.

Yeezy Season 1 | Overview

February 18, 2015

I want people to feel like it’s OK to create 
And follow what their dreams are and not feel boxed in. 
I want people to feel like awesome is possible.

Kanye has clearly brooded over his Yeezy x Adidas collection for quite some time, speaking about it with the same oeuvre of confidence and artistic benevolence he so well known for. Although the collection which hit NYFW and the internet last week has been vexed by fashionphiles and online critics, I think there is a great deal of misunderstanding about the collection.

Yes, it does have extremely similar elements to high end brands Kanye is often caught in. There are obvious inspirations, or  homages, to Helmut Lang to Rick Owens, but the motivation behind Kanye's line is that he is bringing the style, fit, and atmosphere of unaffordable brands to the everyday shopper.

It's minimalist, its heavy streetwear - all the things I love, but most of all, you can see that Kanye was truly the creative mind behind a fashion world that is so obsessed with using the guise of celebrity to create publicity. Expect a lot of neutral colours in combination with oversized and layered outerwear, along with military-esque prints and vibes mixed with an element of an imagination about the future.

For Sydney goers, expect to see some of the collection hitting our shores on February 28, 2015, in some boutique stores in the CBD area. Maybe I'll see you there.

Below are a few of my favourite pieces.


February 17, 2015

Summer is closing...

And what a summer it's been. I finished my 4th year of university. I partied too hard and spent way too much time at the beach. I finished my work with Australia's biggest online retailer (ASOS) and I started two new internships with Topman and Microsoft. I quit my job selling suits and Myer and spent many days with new friends in undiscovered places in Sydney. 

One of these spots was the gorgeous La Perouse in the south of Sydney City. If you've followed my fashion, you know I've got quite the obsession with heavy urban streetwear. I don't know if I'm getting bored with it, or if I'm changing but I've been interested in trying looks that stray away from this niche. 

And, it is probably the latter. One of the greatest things I learned over this summer is the efficiency of inefficiency. I worked 3 jobs at a time, with full time university, and all my spare time went into guitar, blogging and gym. I would come home with the feeling of bricks tied to my head, and as a result I did not enjoy or even want to do the things I had enjoyed so me. 

So this look encapsulates one feeling. Relaxation. 

Full outfit details below.

What I'm wearing
Straw Hat (H&M)
Linen Shirt (Zara)
Linen Pants (Zara)
Brown Roman Sandals (Witchery Men)
Blueface Silver Watch (Fossil)


February 14, 2015

Everyday appropriate?

That is a question that has been burgeoning in my mind recently - a question which has probably, for years, been in the minds of those who follow more avant-garde or runway fashion. There is a perpetual indecisiveness about the line to draw between fashion to be looked at and admired as a strictly as art, and everyday wear.

I'm all for individuals having the absolute freedom to wear whatever they choose within a given society. But it cannot be denied that fashion is a concept that exists within a deeply social context and there is a fine line between eccentric and inappropriate. For my own personal style and persona on the street, I'm not sure if I would ever wear this Annabel Souls heretic bandana on my face if I was embarking on my average lunch date and or shopping endeavours...maybe if I was going to a festival I would deem it more appropriate.

All things being said, and as I've stated before, fashion is your canvas for anything you want to express or convey, so your sense of style isn't in line with the people who see you, you need to question whether you value the opinions of those around your idea of what you want to convey to them through your aesthetic.

What I'm wearing:
Black Heretic Bandana (Annabel Souls)
Black Leather Detail Tee (Topman)
Leather Jacket (Forever 21 Men)
Black Chinos (Industrie)
Red Monochrome Kicks (Palladium)
Retro Round Rim Sunglasses (ZeroUV)

Photo credits: Tafarock

Into The Blue

January 29, 2015

An indication of the new direction I want to take with fashion. I remember it was a sunny LA afternoon when I was inspired to create this blog. Somewhere down town, a troop of gentlemen dressed in black cape hoodies layered under leather jackets and accompanying ripped charcoal jeans. Their attitude and nerve struck me with such force, I began to reflect on my own image, my own direction and how I put myself out into the world. The nerve they had still gets me...

Thus began my obsession with urban street wear as has been the focus of almost all my looks. I don't know if it's simply me wanting to look more mature (not that heavy street wear is immature), or that its simply me exploring me peripheries. 

I also have begun working for Topman in a recent internship as well as Microsoft and am looking fashion that is more appropriate for the corporate sphere. This look capitalises on my obsession with beige and blue. I picked up these gorgeous Cole Haans from a boutique in Soho, New York and I thought the orange lining matched perfectly with a pair of socks I had picked up in LA. 

My current fascination is collarless button ups is also included in this look. It gives the overall outfit a sleek outlook. 
What I'm wearing:
Blue Collar-less Button Up (Zara)
Cropped Beige Chinos (Uniqlo)
Orange/Blue Anchor Print Socks (Urban Outfitters)
Brown Lunar Grands (Cole Haan)
Silver Blue Face Watch (Fossil)
Beige Carry Bag (Cedar Wood State)

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