"There's this idea of elevating the everyday that I've always been attracted to"

-Alexander Wang

Inside The Outside

January 25, 2015

Plaid on the inside and out!

The salient of this outfit came about when I discovered that I had a plaid shirt that had almost exactly the same print as the inside of my ripped denim. Thus came about the name of the outfit inside the outside. I always talk about maintaining a soulfulness with what you wear, and I guess, I didn't want to wear two items, plain ripped jeans and just a straight forward plaid shirt around the waist, so I found a different angle. 

I started off this post with a behind the scenes shot of the shoe madness and the general process I go through when it comes to shooting my looks, and maybe giving some of you an insight onto the process An inside the outside look. So here it goes:

1. Inspiration. 
It comes to me at random moments. I could be watching runway shows, perusing through my favourite fashion Tumblrs or stalking people in Instagram. Or I could be watching the VSFS and be inspired by their gypsy section to wear silk shirts (this did happen and I will be posting the respective outfit soon). 

2. General Outfit
There's usually one point in the outfit that I find an focal point of the look. I came about these ripped plaid jeans as I was shopping in one of Sydney's underground street wear boutiques. When I came home, I saw it matched one of my button downs completely and at that moment I knew that would be an outfit. 

3. Finishing the Outfit 
With the focal point of the outfit decided I normally go about completing the rest of the outfit with two central ideas. The first is that the other elements of the outfit are more neutral and thus make the focal point stand out. The second method is to create a balance. In this case the focal point had a lot of colour and print so I chose a tee and pants that were print and colour absent. 

4. Shooting and Accesorising
The finishing step is to choose a location to shoot and actually put the outfit together on set and then add and take away things to the total look and also try to fit in to the environment. 

Outfit details below:
What I'm Wearing
Black Bronson Fedora (All Saints)
Loose Fit White Tee (Zara)
Ripped Plaid Jeans (Embellish)
Red/Blue Plaid Shirt (Country Road)
White Monochrome Kicks (Aldo)
Gun Metal/Black Bracelet (Urban Outfitters)

Rouge Rerun

January 12, 2015

A rouge replay of something I've done before. In fashion there is a romanticism of the ephemeral. To put it simply, its the idea that you should only wear one item once and then it should remain in the darkest chasm of your closet until everyone has forgotten about it. 

As a resourceful university student, I always find it best to not simply just re-wear outfits, but to reckon with the creative possibilities of a piece's versatility. Street goth fashion inclines toward monochrome the majority of the time and I thought an interesting way to rework long lines and black layering was to spruce up the entire look with red salient. 

In addition to this, I want to put an emphasis on the way styling can elevate an outfit. This included rolling up the hem of my chino pants to give the overall look more of a clean and sporty feel to it, while the pushing of the left jacket sleeve up to the elbow to reveal the black zip detail of my cape adds an extra dimension. 
What I'm wearing
Red Bomber Jacket (Tommy Hilfiger)
Black Wax Pants (Industrie)
Hooded Black Cape (Zara)
Red Roshe Runs (Nike)
Black Snapback (Elwood)
Black Longline Tee (Topman)
Bronze/Black Bracelet (Aldo)

Leather Weather

December 23, 2014

Karlie: What's one thing you'd never wear?
Anna Wintour (without hesitation): Head-to-toe black

All black...cue the eye roll! At the beginning of this year, it was all things monochrome, and toward the end of this year, there has been an obvious all black trend that seems to elicit a lot of malaise from the fashion community. However, with all trends, I believe that if you make it your own, you always have the ability to maintain a certain soulfulness that simply following a trend lacks. With a mixture of the right textures, hues, accents and flare, it is easy to keep it interesting. 

Anyhow, this look itself is not technically all black as such. I wore a two-toned ASOS tee, with a white hem underneath my favourite most possession at this moment, my Mr Simple windbreaker. The look itself is intended to be a hybrid of urban street wear and pseudo-high fashion Bohemia. 

I could have easily completed the look with a pair of black chinos pants/shorts and Nike fly-knits/roshe runs but I opted for leather pants, marbled grey socks and sneaker brogues because I like hybridity. My photographer and I also found a very appropriate graffiti ridden reservoir for our shoot after a small hike through an unknown forest.   

What I'm wearing
Black Windbreaker (Mr Simple
Leather Pants (American Apparel)
Snapback (Nike SB)
Two Toned Hemmed Tee (ASOS)
Sneaker Brogues (Justin Reece)
Kaleidoscope Glasses (Urban Outfitters)

Just Do It

December 20, 2014

Ever feel like you don't have passions for things that your friends and family seem to have. Like you don't have that one creative outlet or hobby that everyone keeps rambling on about? I could try to inspire you by verbosely and eloquently presenting my mantra on how to achieve great things but I think we sometimes learn best through stories.

I reminisce upon a time when I was 19. I was at some kind of youth convention, and such as the nature of such events, they berated us with questions like, "What are your interests? What are you most passionate about?" As the AA-esque circle of Q&A made its way around to me, my mind was literally darting from every corner of my experiences to try to find any substance that would result in the semblance of a semi decent answer.

I had quit soccer, drawing, Chinese school and piano at a young age. My life comprised of going to a school where I didn't have many friends, returning home to the quotidian routine of both equally mindless homework and an obsession with video games. Such a realisation began to build a tension within me...

U R What U Wear

December 11, 2014

One second I'm in clothes, and suddenly the clothes are me

We pondered over casual cafe conversation about the possibilities of fashion and art as two separate fields, but came to the conclusion that they will always be one and that there is room for them to intermingle in new ways. Angela tells me she takes inspiration from random moments of madness and visions of surrealist additions to an otherwise quotidian photo. So we begin shooting in a crazy fashion. I jump, jerk and twist in shameless fashion (pun intended!), hoping to spark the muse inside of her with the oh-so-sought-after spark of inspiration. 

...And then a concept arose. U R WHAT U WEAR. It's straight forward. Fashion is the instant language we want to convey to those around us. From your jacket's fabric, to the crystalline contortion of your bejewed necklace, to the laces of your shoes - it is part of who you are. It's such a broad and beautiful idea, I have no idea where it will take me. 

One second, I was in a suit and now I believe the suit is me. Everything is phenomenological and we always believe that:

L I F E   I M I T A T E S   A R T

A FASHION x ART collaboration with @drawntoyou

Some of Angela's other artworks:
The treacherous entanglement of the unseen.

Life imitates nature.

For more of her work, click for HER WEBSITE 

Nothing But Shine

December 10, 2014

Simplicity is complex. It's never simple to keep things simple. Simple solutions require the most advanced thinking.

An epiphany struck me. Somehow, the absence of a collar (which is my new obsession!) spoke to me about tearing away things you expect to be there, or have always been there, and seeing the value of blank spaces. Minimalism essentially - the idea that the possibility and imagination that is brought about by vacancy is greater than any tangible object you could originally fill that space with. 

The absence of any tip-collars, tie-accessories as well as button detail lets the crisp whiteness of a well fitted shirt for itself as well as the lustre of a unornamented suit. We often get caught up on over-accessorising and picking statement pieces with loud prints and embroidery, but forget that brick wall our minds put up when we are bombarded with a multitude of things at once. It's like a 1000 words in one sentence, being completely meaningless, whereas a few words could mean so much more - only is an aesthetic sense. It's about leaving more to our imagination.

And it is really easy to make a statement under the guise of in-your-face attire, but I've recently become intrigued with the idea of well-cut, materially unique and sleek fitted basics that speak in terms of quality and balance rather than excess. It's very easy to garner attention on the street with a plethora of tattoos, and a longline tee with heavy paisley detailing, like I've worn before, and there is nothing wrong with this - but I have recently found a greater personal appreciation for simplicity.  

What I'm wearing:
Button & Collar-less Shirt (ASOS)
Black Lustre Suit (Politix)
Graphite Watch (Burberry)
Leather Carry Bag (Ben Sherman) 
Clubmasters (Rayban)  

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