"There's this idea of elevating the everyday that I've always been attracted to"

-Alexander Wang

Black Excellence

November 18, 2014

My guide on how to be a ninja...a fashionable ninja? In my travels to LA earlier this year, there was no single style that I was more intrigued by than the street goth aesthetic. I first came across the style in downtown LA, a troop of well dressed men skirted around my best friend and I. At first I was taken aback, they looked like some kind of underground urban gang. However as the parade of black cape hoodies over and underlying snapbacks and bronson fedoras began to depart from us, I could not help but be drawn to their mystery and elegance.

I also realised that this way of dressing would be perfect when I returned back to the Sydney Autumn. I have always been obsessed with black so my intrigue was persistent. This way of dressing is as the name suggests utilities a lot of black and white, and thus means the interest of the outfit tends more toward layering, textures and prints. If you have been following hip hop culture recently, the likes of A$AP Rocky have adopted this way of dressing. And so began my mission during my holiday month to garner pieces warm pieces of monochrome clothing that I could layer and hood myself in. I initially thought I would have to seek a lot of the items in underground avant-garde boutiques but to my surprise, found a lot of usable items in regular labels. It's really your intent and how you coordinate multiple items together that changes your perspective on regular items. 
What I'm wearing
Credits: Lark Visuals

Monochrome Kicks | Style

November 14, 2014

They often come in different shapes and sizes to suit guys of all body types and preferences, and you slip them on...yes you thought right: Monochrome Kicks! I first came across the style while traveling to LA earlier this year, and now it's everywhere in the USA and down under. It pretty much follows the color blocking principle but is applied to footwear as opposed to clothing. For me, I see these style of shoes really working with an urban and sleek look. If you have any other suggestions of how to wear them fashionably, shoot them in the comments section below.

Read more for some of own and suggestions on how to wear them.

Your Procrastination Type

November 09, 2014

It's exam season for myself, my friends and my fellow cohort. This is an article I wrote for ASOS about this crucial time.

When monster tasks need completing, a mysterious change occurs. Our priorities shift, once menial tasks are now imperative, and you may feel unlike yourself? Perhaps you’ve taken on what we'd like to call a procrastination alter-ego.

Our top 3 and tell-tale signs productivity may be neglected:

It's impossible to work with clarity when a morsel of dust intrudes your desk.  Your room needs to look like a Martha Stewart commercial before productivity can commence. You had been meaning to colour code your wardrobe and now is the optimal time. If you live with others, you are now described as the "best housemate ever" for your unsolicited housekeeping duties. A social media snap of a sparkling work space tops off the job.

Dormant interests ignite. Do you find yourself breathing the dust off your guitar and tickling the keys of your old Steinway? Some like to draw. Some like to knit. There is a sudden surge of procrastibaking and subsequently spontaneous macaroon parties on Facebook feeds. You need to catch up on Game of Thrones. Napping can be considered a hobby too, right?

More time is spent planning your productivity than on actual productivity. Yes, it is a good idea to make a checklist of checklists and a colour-coded study timetable. Retail therapy is now a double-win because your outfit for the post-exam party needs to be organised ASAP! You would also have greater focus if your upcoming holiday was completely organised to the tee.

I should be studying as I am blogging this...

Liberty Island

September 19, 2014

It was about week 4 during the university semester and a group of my closest friends embarked on a journey around the USA. Unfortunately I could no go because I had work and university commitments. Crying a lot after my friends departed, I realised I had a gap in my assessment and work schedule for the first two weeks of September. This coincided with NYFW, my flight attendant bestie could get me a cheap ticket and it was also his birthday on September 1st... so essentially... I told myself I would regret it if I didn't take a leap of faith and just follow my heart to go to the city I had always dreamed of. I spent the next two weeks doing all my assessments early and getting work sorted. Traveling on a staff ticket was also stressful because I had to wait on standby and I actually got on the last empty seat on the plane!

I actually didn't do much on my first morning in NYC. The city's night life and a 24 hour flight had taken it's toll. After incubating in my hotel room for 24 hours, we headed to downtown New York to see Lady Liberty in action. 

The ferry to actually get onto Liberty Island had 3hr wait so we opted to take the ferry to Staten Island instead because there was no wait time and you cruise right in front of the green lady anyway.

View of NYC from the ferry. 
Everybody scrambling to get a good shot of the city from the south.

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