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Thursday, May 01, 2014

I'm trying to find myself, and in doing so I've realised that sometimes I am not so eloquent and articulate in the way I express myself. For anyone that feels this way, or anyone who is simply interested in fashion or even anyone who wants to be polite - for Tom Ford says "dressing well is a form of good manners", join me as I try to understand and experience the instant language that fashion is.

The way I embellish and present myself is key to my place in the world and that paths that seem to inexplicably carve themselves out before us. They say it takes 7-17 seconds to make a lasting first impression on someone and that a minimum of 55% of this impression is solely attributable to physical appearance. I'm not saying that looks matter, but rather, the idea that one must present themselves in a way that is both respectable and admirable from others while remaining completely true to one's own intrinsic spirit.

Fashion as my armour and this is the adventure I embarked on to discover this:


I never wanted to be one thing.

It's rather easy for me to write quite copiously and loquaciously about fashion and pop culture, but when it comes to myself, I really don't know what I say at all. It's always been an irrational fear of mine...

What's your passion?

Many people go on about one thing like philanthropy or music or drawing but I either recite a vague catalogue of my half-interests or don't know what to say at all. 

If I look back at the person I've been, I begin to understand why. I kept to myself in primary school. My only friend was a Vietnamese guy I stopped hanging out with after he stabbed one of my peers in the head with a metal ruler. I was also the geek who's mother made him study from 3:30-8 in the hopes of entering one of Sydney's prestigious selective schools

It was almost the same in high school if not worse due to being copiously bullied. (Having my growth spurt at 17 did not help, I looked like a 10 year old for most of high school). However, during all this time, I had no regard to or interest in a lavish social life. I had always been engrossed in some kind of hobby or adventure. There was a phase where I would practice almost everyday as I played soccer for 7 years. Then, maybe because the reality of quotidian life, I became deeply beguiled by the reality of virtual worlds: DOTA, Battle For Middle Earth, Maplestory, Runescape, COD4, L4D2 - you name it, I played it.

University was the first time where I think I stopped exploring the world around me, and I began to explore myself. A most interesting, and much more fulfilling endeavor it was than any of the fantasy worlds I had explored in my secluded adolescence. I found someone who was intensely independent, intensely creative, and intensely rebellious who was trapped in a cage.

On a trip to LA, an idea became apparent to me, seeing that way people dressed and way they carried themselves down the street, I was so taken aback and then completely beguiled:

"Growing up I didn't have a lot of access to fashion. But as far as I could remember, fashion has always been my defense mechanism. Even as a child I remember thinking, 'She can beat me, but she cannot beat my outfit.' And to this day I mean, that is how I think about it. I can compensate for all my weaknesses with my fashion. And so really, you really can." --- Robyn Fenty

Join me as I explore my defense.
Black Luster Suit and Bow Tie (Politix) | White Button Up (Anthony Morato)

Leather Band Sweatpants (Zara USA) | Yeezus 77 Black T-Shirt (Goat Crew)

Penthurst Navy Suit Jacket (TM Lewin) | White Navy Dotted Dress Shirt (Industrie)

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