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Friday, June 20, 2014

Finding Myself
Kicking things off, my shoot begins with my photographer commenting about how weird my outfit is and how he would never wear that (A fantastic and fitting start I must say!). I used to let these things affect me, but somehow I revel in it now. I wanted the look to completely and utterly represent me. A hybrid of trendy urban streetwear and alternative avant garde.

Style Lowdown
The salient of the outfit is the plaid and the eyes gradually pivot to the vertical black.

A little bit of match is good, but not too much: the rim of the club masters with gold diamond outline on the necklace work to accentuate each other at the head of the outfit.

The shoes tend the casual look toward semi-formality without being overly street inappropriate while the fedora literally caps off the look. The look encapsulates my styling mantra that a balanced use of colours, textures and patterns as well as a focus toward a certain point of interest in your attire will make your look pop (in the best way possible). In this case, the plaid is screaming to be looked at.

What I'm wearing

Plaid-Dip Button Down (Urban Outfitters)
Black Shorts (Topman) 
Gold Rim Club-Masters (Rayban) 
Gold Diamond Outline Necklace (Topman
Gangster Fedora (Zara)
Graphite Analog Watch (Burberry) 
Black Sneaker Brogues (Justin Reece) 
Plain Black Socks (Ralph Lauren) 
Bracelets (Aldo) 

 Black Sneaker Brogues (Justin Reece)

Graphite Analog Watch (Burberry)

Photo credits: Lark Visuals

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