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Saturday, August 23, 2014

So our shoot started off rather not so smoothly. I had forgotten to place my clothing in a wheel-able bag and had to knick a trolley from the mall to transport it in a bulky carry bag. I then had to ditch the trolley when entering the University, and lug a bulky 10kg+ bag across campus for 30 minutes (I hope the stress doesn't show in my face). We were about to shoot and then we were expelled from the premises by security because my photographer's lighting equipment looked "too professional" for a blog shoot. Tragic start aside, we had to make do with a new location. 
The look uses classic and standard textures, denim jacket and plain black chinos to put focus on print and accents. I'm always looking for ways to have elements of my look that makes it stand out. I love back print jackets and opted for this Detroit Print, sport themed (66) Jacket. The focus on print is then drawn down to my DOPE socks I am currently obsessed with and my (oh so) casually rolled up pants. Mesh material is also all the craze this season and I thought it had a nice contrast to my denim outerwear. 

  • Detroit Print Denim Jacket (ASOS)
  • Black Washed Chino Pants (Industrie)
  • DOPE print B/W Socks (Dope)
  • Floral Print Mesh Material Shirt (Topman)
  • Brass Eagle Model Necklace
  • All Black Chucks (Converse)
And here is a rather commercial portrait style shot my photographer insisted was magic!

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