Saturday, February 14, 2015

Everyday appropriate?

That is a question that has been burgeoning in my mind recently - a question which has probably, for years, been in the minds of those who follow more avant-garde or runway fashion. There is a perpetual indecisiveness about the line to draw between fashion to be looked at and admired as a strictly as art, and everyday wear.

I'm all for individuals having the absolute freedom to wear whatever they choose within a given society. But it cannot be denied that fashion is a concept that exists within a deeply social context and there is a fine line between eccentric and inappropriate. For my own personal style and persona on the street, I'm not sure if I would ever wear this Annabel Souls heretic bandana on my face if I was embarking on my average lunch date and or shopping endeavours...maybe if I was going to a festival I would deem it more appropriate.

All things being said, and as I've stated before, fashion is your canvas for anything you want to express or convey, so your sense of style isn't in line with the people who see you, you need to question whether you value the opinions of those around your idea of what you want to convey to them through your aesthetic.

What I'm wearing:
Black Heretic Bandana (Annabel Souls)
Black Leather Detail Tee (Topman)
Leather Jacket (Forever 21 Men)
Black Chinos (Industrie)
Red Monochrome Kicks (Palladium)
Retro Round Rim Sunglasses (ZeroUV)

Photo credits: Tafarock

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