Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Inspiration comes to me in the most unexpected of ways. There I was, watching the 2014 VSFS, and the gypsy segment got me thinking of kimonos and silk throws. I began reflecting on this, but I personally did not want to wear anything like that. They were simply too flowy for me and I am not really personally into traditional oriental wear (not that there would be a problem if I was). Further down the track, this trail of thought evolved as I started listening to Washed Out's new LP, Paracosm. I started envisioning rich fern-like foliage and technicolour coats in the vein of Joseph of Egypt. 

Result: A blend of silk, an eclectic palette shot in the bush land of Sydney.

Again, I am following my mantra of utilising neutrality and minimalism to direct focus to the salient element of an outfit. I found this pure silk and rainbow shirt on an online op-shop and immediately fell in love with its rustic print. It also has the flow of a kimono but essentially maintains the structure of a more masculine shirt. I put it together with an All Saints bronson fedora I snagged on Soho, New York. Hope you like it! Full Outfit details below. 

What I'm Wearing:
Bronson Fedora (All Saints)
Black Tee (Topman)
Black Suede Boots (Windsor Smith)
Pure Silk Gypsy Shirt (TBC)
Black Waxy Chinos (Industrie)

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