Saturday, April 25, 2015

Topman wanted me to stray away from my normal streetwear and try a semi-formal look appropriate for the Australian Summer. I am honestly, at this point, still learning so much about different facets of fashion. When you think you've understood something like urban, hip-hop inspired streetwear, there's always sartorial, fashion, semi-formal, sport-luxe, full-formal and an infinite amount of fashion sub-genres to explore. I'm hoping you bare with me and I brave out on new fronts and enter territory that I can honestly admit to say, I am not 100% confident in. 
If you are unfamiliar with something, always use the knowledge you have in the field to best suit the ask. There are always constants in general fashion, and your own style that you can apply to all different contexts. 

For this look, I relied heavily on:
  • A reliable colour scheme - navy and beige. Tried and trusted, this is a classic combination that I go for and know will work in a lot of situations. 
  • The idea of salience - never overload an outfit with too many points of interest. Coco Chanel put it metaphorically as "always remove one accessory before you leave the house" - pretty much meaning that simplicity and focus on a key element is desirable. 
  • Focusing on basics - constants like ensuring that something fits perfectly, is suitable for your body shape etc.
  • Sticking to classics - you can't go wrong in a suit...
Full outfit details below 6 photos down.
What I'm wearing:
Beige Suit/Pants (Topman)
Striped Tee (Topman)
Straw Boat Shoes (Topman)
Sunglasses (Rayban)

Photocreds: Tafa Rock

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