Thursday, April 02, 2015

The location we shot at was by at Manly Dam. I'm obsessed with urban infrastructure and vectors, so when I found this dam, I freaked out. To add to this creative commotion, it was also the photographer's hour...

I'm intrigued by a conglomeration of the alternative, urban streetwear and the twisting of everyday trends into I don't know if it's because my short attention span or interest a multitude of things, but to fit one specific genre of style is an concept that I a lot of times find not very interesting. It goes with my mantra of maintaining a soulfulness you have yet to give - in the way you carry yourself and especially the way you dress. To me, fashion is not just clothes. It is perpetually intertwined with music, pop culture, and art history. 

The plaid shirt around the waist has been a trend in urban streetwear for the past couple of years (very Yeezy), and I like the concept with the added element of ombre plaid. I love the idea of all black everybody has been doing recently (things that Raf Simmons and Alexander Wang have been ushering for years), but what creates a talking point of the difference you can create with this - leather pants, diamond textured sweater and rough flannel around the waist (see close up 3 photos down). 

The Alexander Wang sandals and Reebok socks give the entire a relaxed feel with a blend of the high fashion. It's also that one weird point in the outfit - something I always like having. It's a talking point, it's polarising, it's ugly, it's beautiful. 

Remember, it's not about conventional for others, or weird for the sake of standing out. Style is such a visceral sense. It is literally what you choose that makes you feel like the clothes you don are right for the person you are. 

Full outfit details below: 
What I'm wearing:
Diamond textured Sweater (Topman)
Gold Diamond Shaped Necklace (ASOS)
Plaid Waist Shirt (Urban Outfitters)
Golden Digital Watch (Timex)
Sandals (Alexander Wang x HM)
Black Classic Snapback (Nike)

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