Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Art is pain and pain is the art in which we find ourselves...

I've always been told that that in a dialectic of any visual form of art, whether it be film, photography, fashion or any other, that each and every element of the composition of each frame is an intentional element from the creator. Since delving into photography and understanding the nature of the shot, which is very contingent on the unpredictable environment, I have learned that this is most probably not true in all cases. Wind, rain, crowds and eye bags are just a few things that can go wrong...

However, everything about this shoot seemed to work seamlessly, including the use of a claymore which I borrowed from one of my colleagues. Many friends and peers commented that it was an absurd and unnecessary prop, but each time they had done this, I rebut them in saying:

Because the composition of a photograph is supposedly intentional
We are meant to look for figurative meaning
That is why a picture is worth a thousand words

R.M. Drake comments 
Art is pain and pain is art in which we find ourselves

Well for the longest time, I felt this
And the need to expel it in a creative repository
This was fashion and photography and blogging
But what has always been visible has been my guard

Or as Donatella Versace puts it
Fashion is a weapon that you can use when you need it

That's why I find it so absurd that people think it's absurd
That I have a sword in my picture
For it's always been there. 
This is just a spectre of my real fashion self.

Outfit Details
Black Cape (Zara)
Oversized Black Tee (Zara)
Drop Crotch Pants (Zara)
Socks (Ralph Lauren)
Khaki Army Boots (Windsor Smith)
Chrome Bracelet (Urban Outfitters)

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