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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

So begins my rantings about SHOWstudio, founded by fashion director Nick Knight. For the longest time, I have geeked out over the digital compositing, musicality, creative direction and of course, fashion, in Knight's films.

They have worked with the likes of Topman, Ruth Hogben, Kate Moss, Lady Gaga & Kanye West. In an age where Tom Ford has stated he still cannot decide whether to best present his clothes for stores, or for the internet, Knight's studio inclines toward the latter and blends digital multimedia and fashion like no other.

One of my personal favorites. Shot for Gareth Pugh in 2011, each frame from this short could be extrapolated individually and still stand on its own two feet. There is a military motif that is central to the piece. There is a sufficient amount of kaleidoscopic frames and sleekness that present the fashion in a psychedelic and futuristic manner. Enjoy and explore. Whenever I need inspiration or whenever I fashion-fear, I turn to Nick Knight.

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