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Sunday, July 06, 2014

The Story
I wanted to show you the city that first inspired this blog. LA was the first time in my life where I strayed out of the comfort of my parent's shadow and lived somewhat independently. I travelled with my best friend from city and if there's was only one place I would recommend any Los Angeles visitor to prospect, it is the Mount Hollywood situated Griffith observatory.

It is a both a scientific and astronomic hub and American icon as well as a location for a scenic lookout of the City of Angels. If you're a cinephile, I would like to mention that the drive up to the peak, includes a journey through the Griffith Park Tunnel (used for Back to the Future) as well as a passing of Griffith Park (used for Fincher's Mulholland Drive).

The main structure shines in all it's art decor glory. Parking and entry are completely free. There is a large grass area with many cultural sculptures for you to peruse. Once you are done with that, you can either enter the interior of the building for a historio-science museum-like experience or climb to the roof of the building for the clearest, and probably most stunning, view of Los Angeles that you can get.

The hallowed Hollywood sign is also one of those things you want to get a shot when travelling to the City of Angels.

Take a further look for James Dean, the historio-artistic interior and city views!

The observatory has a lot of cultural references interspersed throughout the area including a remembrance of one of Hollywood's most revered and iconic actors, James Dean.

Enter a building for a creative timeline of astronomical history and different interpretations of the sky above us. There are mystical and pious interpretations, artistic viewpoints as well as scientific and logical explanations of the sky. There is also a cinema for those who love documentaries and at least 1 hour of walkable museum exhibitions.

I recommend heading there in the late afternoon when there is available parking and you can get the best lighting, including a glorious West Coast sunset, from the top. When the natural lights go out, the city itself puts on a light show for you.

Stay tuned for my Griffith 2 post with night time views of the city.

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