Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rocking to HAIM with my best friend while driving down dust-orange LA highways to Disneyland, could anything be more perfect? This look is inspired by my experience at the happiest place on the earth. I nabbed this Mickey Mouse x Baseball jersey at the Disneyland Adventure Park in California. The look is simply a really stripped down, hopefully not lazy looking, tourist-y look which is why I chose to shoot this with my trust Canon I cannot go on holidays without.

When you're out and about, whether you are traveling or not, functionality and comfort really does come first. But if you still want to keep it interesting, rely on staple items that have an interesting print or novelty to them or simply be happy in really nice clean basics. I honestly could not carry many clothes around with me to LA and had minimal time to get ready in the morning so I relied on novelty tops and my favourite, crazy socks.

What I'm wearing
  • Mickey Mouse Baseball Jersey (Disney)
  • Washed Black Chino Shorts (Topman)
  • Dope Socks (Dope)
  • All Black Chucks (Converse)
  • Clubmasters (Rayban)

Disney day: 

The sound of American highways

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