Rebirth // 重生

Saturday, February 04, 2017

You can be reborn over and over and over again until you find that part of you that is the best you that you can be, so I encourage everyone to be that way. Birth is not finite or temporal, it is infinite.


When the idea of who you are gets out into the world, and people really like it, you could not feel any better. Essentially when you gain a little bit of success doing one thing, it can be so uplifting in the beginning that you just want to keep being this one thing. But I encourage you to shapeshift and evolve as much as you want and can. 

A little bit about me is each night before I sleep, I like to look back at my day and think of how I have progressed - even in the smallest way. It's like looking back at yourself; 1 week before the present, 1 month before, 1 year before etc. and seeing your former self as a bit of a loser - not in the way that you are disparaging yourself, but from the perspective that you are now so happy that you have changed and evolved so much since the past - and that progression is what really keeps us happy.

I actually used to get cyclically depressed all the time, and I had no idea why. Then one day, I stepped back and lifted the gaze - coming to realise that the times where I spiralled into unhappiness were periods where I felt like I was not growing in any way. 

Today, I get a lot of flack about having changed the focus away from solely style and fashion and onto my body for attention, but that is not true - my answer is that I'm a fashion blogger who happened to start getting into fitness. At the core of what I always encouraged and hoped for myself, and for you, was not one style or one way of presenting yourself, but a dynamic inner sense of fame that can be as charmeleon-esque as you'd like. 

The truth is, I've changed a lot over the last year. I've delved into worlds and circles where taking pride in the way your body looks is very centre, especially in my travels to Asia and the USA - and it's also a lot of what my friends are into too. I may spend a lot of time at the gym now, but I am just as interested in fashion - I am not just the one thing now - I am both. 

I would have never dreamed of wearing harnesses, like this one from Army of Men, a few months back, but being able to put it on now is the epitome of the freedom license you have to carry yourself with the air of whatever you want to be, and that is what I wanted from day one. The point is that whatever you wear, whether it be the street goth fashion of my early bloggings or now leather harnesses, it should always viscerally make you feel like such a king and such a badass in whatever you're doing that you get that that fiery confidence that means the ultimate you comes out.

Embrace the truest idea of who you want to be right now and in the future, and understand that change is part of that. Hold it close to your heart that you don't let anyone else's, and even your own, idea of who you are stop you from growing.  

What I'm Wearing:
Military Bulldog Harness (Army of Men)
Underwear (Calvin Klein)

Skull Bandana Arm Buff (Custom)

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