「 We Are The Ones We've—Been Waiting For 」

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bernie Boston's 1967 iconic Flower Power photo saw the quotidian framing of one of the apexes of the many civil protests against the Vietnam War that frequented the United States during that tumultuous decade. While sitting at the Mail Entrance of the Pentagon, Boston captured the moment when one of the protesters vased a sunflower at point blank range into one of the guns of the opposing state battalion. Thereon, the photo has been re-purposed and disseminated across the country and globe as an transcendent symbol that initiative peace is always the way to go and is at the core of how to survive harmoniously in our increasingly chaotic world. 


For me, it reminds me that I need to get out into the world and be active, now, always looking to have a positive impact on those around me - no matter how small or great. 

We can get used sitting there, watching the world unfold around us, and waiting for the next revolutionary to come - I mean that's what we grew up doing right, through all those years of schooling as society delayed our onset into the world. Sitting in the classroom, listening to the stories about the legends who changed our world forever. 

I got a little too used to observing and watching the world before me as I sat as a distant observer. In fact, up till my adolescence, I didn't really talk that much. In fact, I was happy to sit and wait to see where the wind took me. If it happens, it'll happen I guessed at the time. 

It was only on one fateful night in LA that I started to change. I had flown around the world to meet somebody, and it was the furthest I had been from home. One night, I went out alone, and had a near death experience due to my recklessness. I had gotten into a car with a stranger and things that night took a turn for the worst. 

I woke up the next morning, knowing full well that if I had in fact not woken up, it would have been nothing more than the ruling of the law of the universe missed with my own self-induced recklessness. I had such an intense moment of epiphany, and realized the temporality of my life that it induced a quarter life crisis so strong that I completely changed as a person.

Whenever I think about not going for things right here, right now, I think of that fateful night and how ephemeral and short life can be. We aren't ever going to achieve many things waiting for the perfect moment for the stars to align or for someone else to be a revolutionary. We are the ones we've been waiting for.


What I'm wearing
Japan Boost NMDs (Adidas)
Longline Latex Raincoat (Rains)
Leather Jacket around waist (Forever 21 Men)
Black Chinos (Industrie)
Gun Metal Ring (Gucci)

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