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Monday, June 19, 2017

Chromesthesia is a type of sound to color synesthesia in which heard sounds automatically and involuntarily invoke an experience of color.

Out of the iridescent glazed plane window where the raindrops collided with the morning sunlight in my last view of Taipei City, I felt the deepest sense of loss for having to depart. I had met some of my favourite people, and had some of the craziest adventures of my life in the city (Taipei post to follow). G-Star anyone? 

In my ears blared "And So It Goes" by my favourite 80s virtuoso, Billy Joel. Like he farewelled every single raindrop plummeting down to their next destination. Anyone else feel this way when they travel? But as we rolled onto the next song, as the plane finally made its way through the clouds by the shore, the colours on the window streamed together with the likeness of a rainbow - thank you Hall and Oates. 

I've been told I'm a little overdramatic, but I can't help that my favourite trope in art and literature has always been the pathetic fallacy - where inanimate objects are utilized to personify whatever human emotion is in focus. Now you know what's going on in my head at airports. 

Since my young adolescence, and after the discovery of pop culture, I have always used music to inspire and elevate a moment, or retreated to a song when I wanted to retreat from the world itself. So much so that I start to see world in completely different colours with a song in my mind. Like that rise to the chorus in an anthem  makes me run an extra set at the gym. 

So that's why you always see headphones in my ears. Recently, the ones I use are Sudio from Sweden. Best battery life, fast charging and mind-crunching bass. This is how music elevates my everyday just like fashion. I honestly recommend these and if you'd like 15% off, use "jonokwan" as a discount code and get a free tote bag too - check it at Sudio Sweden.

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