Maiton Yacht Tour - Phuket

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Truly a story from a perfect dream I can always tell myself. 

If Bangkok was our segment of the trip entailing adventures running down caliginously lit alleyways and staple clubs in the heart of the City of Angel's Silom nightlife precinct, Phuket sat in glorious polarity. The 2 hour flight from Thailand's capital city peeled back the monolithic cityscape of one of Asia's top tourist cities into the pure natural bliss of one of Asia's top visited paradises. 

The island is beautifully chaosed with night markets, the cheapest eateries with the best local (and Western) food and potential for carthatic exploration. We took the MAITON ISLAND DAY TRIP by FLEXS TRAVEL and it was one of the best decisions of our trip. The staff were accommodating and we were able to hire a private yacht for a very large group of us. 

Upon being chauffeured from each of our separate hotels on short notice to the jetty, we arrived on the boat to a warm reception of champagne and snacks. They even had a sound system for us to play our music on the boat sound system. The expert boat staff man the boat as they take you through the untouched archipelago of the coast of Phuket.  

We fished, and snorkeled (see video below), were dropped off at Maiton Islands for a few hours of independent exploration. After hours on the jetty and radiant beach (see photos), we headed back onto the boat where there was a little surprise. The staff had prepared some of the fish we had caught earlier in the day during fishing. I will never forget this and will be the first to recommend this to all of you.

Check video and more photos below

And just for fun

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