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Saturday, December 02, 2017

There are many different ways to many different forms of happiness, and this is mine ...

We as humans are most unhappy when we feel like our voices are unheard, quashed in the white-noise and the pace of modern life. If you look back at the saddest moments you've gone through, it was when no one understood or was there to listen right? And I believe we are happiest and most fulfilled, when we express ourselves and accomplish something we worked hard on, and have people listen and respond to that. How many times have we heard, "do something that you are passionate about", but deep down, we want others to empathize with this passion. I was scared and unhappy for the longest time because I thought no one was looking, and no one was listening. But we can overcome this fear and remember that working hard toward a short or long term goal in your life is supreme and integral to happiness, and the adoration that may come after is auxiliary (what an easy thing to think, but a harder thing to truly feel)   

And what a feeling it is to be at stage 0 - so scared of and to never have done what you know you were born to do. Like a raven that had never taken flight, sitting on precipice of a branch of the tallest tree over looking the world of opportunity. We as humans intrinsically know (and after thought) what we are called to do, but there so are many other things that get in the way. Like birds need to soar, I believe we as humans have an innate purpose and find joy in creating something and owning it completion. Whether like Newton in his journey to formulate the laws of universe, Picasso in all his cubist glory, or myself (and so measely compared to the aforementioned), in fashion photography, styling and writing. What is it you find passion in, that thing you like doing that lets your inner self out?


Now ... back to the birds. That was the inspiration for this editorial. I had a vision of a navy winged raven with neutral plumage. When I step forward with this long parka (or any jacket that makes me feel bold), it's almost as if the gliding of the jacket through the air, flowing as I move forward with each step gives me image of the confidence and the pride of a soaring raven. And my message to you is continue to fly high, remember the importance of dressing the part in whatever you do. For this is my trick is overcoming the fear of doing what I want to do and saying what I want to say when I feel like others are not onboard with me yet.  

For example, I go to a lot of meetings - some super formal and others more casual. This is look you can dress up or down - it is more casual here with a tee inside, but can work with a button up shirt too. And I used to be shit-scared of any meeting I had to go to - almost quivering in fear about not coming across the right way or saying the right things. But beyond preparation for the meetings, what I wear is one of the first things I know I need to get right and the first thing others will see during these meetings. The best kick starter to your dreams of creation is feeling on top of the world. That's what worked for me, perhaps it would work for you.

What I'm Wearing
Navy Blue Cord Parka - Zara
Grey Cardigan - Gap
Grey Under-tee - Industrie
Brown Winter Boots - Windsor Smith

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