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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I want to help us get to the bottom of our current obsession with stylised throwbacks to the late 20th century - with our faded color tone filters, dad jeans and a life interpreted through the lens of the long lost analog era. Just a few years ago, it was quite the contrary - in the late 2000s and early 2010s, culture portrayed modern life through a frame of excess and an ostensibly more hyper realist perspective - it was the age of HD clear music videos, photos and CGI movies with an oozing opulence that was so prevalent in fashion and pop culture ...

What I'm Wearing
Vintage Dad Jeans (The Idle Man)
Navy Windbreaker (The Idle Man)
Fila Tee (sourced from The Idle Man)

The Idle Man, a menswear based retailer, catering to the style conscious man. Hosting brands such as Champion, Farah and Dickies, The Idle Man is a go-to destination for men. Alongside the online shop, The Idle Man Manual is a blog dedicated to offering style advice as well as stories and guides about music, grooming and lifestyle.

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... Fast forward to today and it's like we're ironically trying to press the rewind button on technology (and ourselves..?) to turn back the film back to the days of the VCR. Now, when you look at the history of the movement of social currents, art and culture, latter ideologies as trends often come as a response to a former wave. Like Minimalism was a response to Abstract Expressionism and the hippie movement a rebuttal of 1960s institutionalization and war.

So when you place the current obsession with the analog vis-a-vis the former wave of opulence and hyper-realism, the relativity of these ideas on the spectrum may explain the birth of the obsession with the past. For with hyper-realism, we experienced such real magnification of our modern lives with all its consumerism, technology and excess, that perhaps it made us realise that postmodern 21st century living was not all it was cut out to be. With the omniscient access to information, the prevalence of the screen and the indexing of human relationships and even humans themselves through social media, our knee-jerk reaction was to jump headstrong back in the opposite direction, where we could - in fashion, music and art.

Or even so that for all the hyper-realistic immortalisation of our selves and our experiences in pictures and moving pictures, we could still never hold onto moments. Humans have a tendency to long for what they can't have or what's been lost, and in this way, we will always romanticise the past. That is why dressing like I'm from the 1990s is so much more than a purely aesthetic choice. It represents an innate obsession with the past in a longing for a time for greater connection to one another with more palpable realness, and a yearning for simpler human pleasures in an altogether more complicated digital world. And these ideas are pushed into the forefront as the 1990s kids of today are bursting into adulthood as cultural leaders.

What about you? Is nostalgia your thing?


A little extra if you're interested. Perfectly styled Digital 1990s:

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