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Thursday, July 10, 2014

If you're not into fusion, well...I am going to take the liberty of introducing you to the sneaker brogue anyway. Whereas full brogues incline toward a more consolidated professional look, this is a shoe classification that lends itself toward formality without looking like you've edged over the threshold of what one would consider as socially acceptable everyday wear to meetups or classes ("Wow you really dressed up for class today!"...I'll take it as a compliment). They are also suitable for afternoon semi-formal events but I personally would not wear them to strictly formal events.

Styling Suggestions
  • A black/white pair of these generally match monochrome gear extremely well. They can be worn with a pair of black shorts and matching high or low cut socks. If you want to look more poetic (Wow you're wearing all black, are you depressed?) you could match it with a black button up, or a white button up topped off with a gangster fedora like my plaid outfit post
  • A blue or brown derby version of the shoe would match any form of ankle-rolled chinos or jeans with print or plain socks (preferable not of the same color hue: i.e. no blue derbies with blue jeans). 

These are a few examples after the jump. The first of which I own.

Justin Reece Smart Casual Trainer Leather Shoe (4 Feet Shoes)

Kurt Geiger Toni Leather Derby Shoes (Asos)

KG Kurt Geiger Ratner Leather Toe-Cap Shoes (Asos)

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