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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Karlie: What's one thing you'd never wear?
Anna Wintour (without hesitation): Head-to-toe black

All black...cue the eye roll! At the beginning of this year, it was all things monochrome, and toward the end of this year, there has been an obvious all black trend that seems to elicit a lot of malaise from the fashion community. However, with all trends, I believe that if you make it your own, you always have the ability to maintain a certain soulfulness that simply following a trend lacks. With a mixture of the right textures, hues, accents and flare, it is easy to keep it interesting. 

Anyhow, this look itself is not technically all black as such. I wore a two-toned ASOS tee, with a white hem underneath my favourite most possession at this moment, my Mr Simple windbreaker. The look itself is intended to be a hybrid of urban street wear and pseudo-high fashion Bohemia. 

I could have easily completed the look with a pair of black chinos pants/shorts and Nike fly-knits/roshe runs but I opted for leather pants, marbled grey socks and sneaker brogues because I like hybridity. My photographer and I also found a very appropriate graffiti ridden reservoir for our shoot after a small hike through an unknown forest.   

What I'm wearing
Black Windbreaker (Mr Simple
Leather Pants (American Apparel)
Snapback (Nike SB)
Two Toned Hemmed Tee (ASOS)
Sneaker Brogues (Justin Reece)
Kaleidoscope Glasses (Urban Outfitters)

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  1. Hey I totally dig your style! Look forward to seeing more awesome looks from you!

  2. I love your look ! superr ! !
    kisses from dimitris xx


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