Rouge Rerun

Monday, January 12, 2015

A rouge replay of something I've done before. In fashion there is a romanticism of the ephemeral. To put it simply, its the idea that you should only wear one item once and then it should remain in the darkest chasm of your closet until everyone has forgotten about it. 

As a resourceful university student, I always find it best to not simply just re-wear outfits, but to reckon with the creative possibilities of a piece's versatility. Street goth fashion inclines toward monochrome the majority of the time and I thought an interesting way to rework long lines and black layering was to spruce up the entire look with red salient. 

In addition to this, I want to put an emphasis on the way styling can elevate an outfit. This included rolling up the hem of my chino pants to give the overall look more of a clean and sporty feel to it, while the pushing of the left jacket sleeve up to the elbow to reveal the black zip detail of my cape adds an extra dimension. 

What I'm wearing
Red Bomber Jacket (Tommy Hilfiger)
Black Wax Pants (Industrie)
Hooded Black Cape (Zara)
Red Roshe Runs (Nike)
Black Snapback (Elwood)
Black Longline Tee (Topman)
Bronze/Black Bracelet (Aldo)

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  1. Love that red jacket! Where did you get it ?

    1. Thank you so much! It's a Tommy Hilfiger Item from a boutique in Hong Kong.

  2. Yes, you look great in that jacket. Here is a similar one I bought for my husband:


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