U R What U Wear

Thursday, December 11, 2014

One second I'm in clothes, and suddenly the clothes are me

We pondered over casual cafe conversation about the possibilities of fashion and art as two separate fields, but came to the conclusion that they will always be one and that there is room for them to intermingle in new ways. Angela tells me she takes inspiration from random moments of madness and visions of surrealist additions to an otherwise quotidian photo. So we begin shooting in a crazy fashion. I jump, jerk and twist in shameless fashion (pun intended!), hoping to spark the muse inside of her with the oh-so-sought-after spark of inspiration. 

...And then a concept arose. U R WHAT U WEAR. It's straight forward. Fashion is the instant language we want to convey to those around us. From your jacket's fabric, to the crystalline contortion of your bejewed necklace, to the laces of your shoes - it is part of who you are. It's such a broad and beautiful idea, I have no idea where it will take me. 

One second, I was in a suit and now I believe the suit is me. Everything is phenomenological and we always believe that:

L I F E   I M I T A T E S   A R T

A FASHION x ART collaboration with @drawntoyou

Some of Angela's other artworks:
The treacherous entanglement of the unseen.

Life imitates nature.

For more of her work, click for HER WEBSITE 

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