Nothing But Shine

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Simplicity is complex. It's never simple to keep things simple. Simple solutions require the most advanced thinking.

An epiphany struck me. Somehow, the absence of a collar (which is my new obsession!) spoke to me about tearing away things you expect to be there, or have always been there, and seeing the value of blank spaces. Minimalism essentially - the idea that the possibility and imagination that is brought about by vacancy is greater than any tangible object you could originally fill that space with. 

The absence of any tip-collars, tie-accessories as well as button detail lets the crisp whiteness of a well fitted shirt for itself as well as the lustre of a unornamented suit. We often get caught up on over-accessorising and picking statement pieces with loud prints and embroidery, but forget that brick wall our minds put up when we are bombarded with a multitude of things at once. It's like a 1000 words in one sentence, being completely meaningless, whereas a few words could mean so much more - only is an aesthetic sense. It's about leaving more to our imagination.

And it is really easy to make a statement under the guise of in-your-face attire, but I've recently become intrigued with the idea of well-cut, materially unique and sleek fitted basics that speak in terms of quality and balance rather than excess. It's very easy to garner attention on the street with a plethora of tattoos, and a longline tee with heavy paisley detailing, like I've worn before, and there is nothing wrong with this - but I have recently found a greater personal appreciation for simplicity.  

What I'm wearing:
Button & Collar-less Shirt (ASOS)
Black Lustre Suit (Politix)
Graphite Watch (Burberry)
Leather Carry Bag (Ben Sherman) 
Clubmasters (Rayban)  

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