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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lazy outfit day...!

When it comes to the Sydney Summer, and temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit),  there's nothing easier for me to choose to wear than all black, casual and comfortable. Probably the most simple thing you'll see me wear and post. In all honestly, this is an outfit I wear on my fashion "days off", when I want to be cozy and do not have time of want to put a great amount of thought into combinations and layers. . When I'm a bit lazy, all black is the easy way to go. 

It's easy to create a balance in the outfit as well as start interest points with anything to sits harshly against all black. As I said before, I do like to have certain interest points in the outfit, no matter how simple. I chose to match textured denim shorts, with eye catching Dope socks that matched my trusty Nikes. I love the skater fit of this tee. Outfit details below.

What I'm wearing
Longline Skater Fit Tee (Topman)
Denim Charcoal Wash Black Shorts (Industrie)
Classic Snapback (Nike)
Gold Digital Watch (Casio)
B/W Sweet Classic Suede Sneakers (Nike)

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