Punk Prince

Thursday, May 04, 2017

"Take your broken heart, turn it into art"

-punk pʌŋk/ n. a worthless person (often used as a general term of abuse)
-prince prɪns/ n. the son of a monarchic ruler


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  1. Thanks for sharing your story. A lot of us are too afraid to let our creative selves out until later in life. It's like a caterpillar that becomes a butterfly!

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  3. Oooh my goodness!!
    I wish to become like you,dude!!

  4. Really like this post and concept !

  5. Ugh you are really turning into my fave person on the internet - my misconceptions about you are totally wrong, and it's such a smack in the face to hear your back story and how you carved your personality (and body!) out from scratch. Truly inspirational! You've already got the instagram fame, so you're doing amazingly!


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