The Ultimate Earshot

Sunday, September 17, 2017

As the years have teetered on and I start to get a stronger grasp of how to move the needle in my own journey of self understanding, I look back and realise that I have become increasingly inspired, and sometime reliant on pop culture. Wind back many years to a teenage, emo-fringe donning even more introverted version of my current self, and I could see that the start of my coming of age moment entered its incipience when I discovered the realms of Eminem, MTV and a now questionable catalogue of mid-2000s top 40. Rebellion, lust, freedom, rage, groove, kinship ... were all things I never felt directly in my own boring and eventless upbringing, but only felt vicariously (in a real way) through culture and music.

That is why today I cannot sit on a bus, drive my car, go for a walk or even do my emails without music. In a way, I try to curb my reliance on pop culture, because I don't want to no be able to do things without it. But the one place I cannot live without music and where it absolutely enhances my experience is the gym. I have never had in-ears as good as these.

They are almost completely sound blocking, and thumping, pulsing bass along with 6 hr battery life means I can get that surge of adrenaline and fire in my workout from the pop culture that has changed my life, and has always and continues to give me my everyday sway. Bose, Soundsport Wireless Bluetooth In-Ears. 


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