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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Plaid on the inside and out!

The salient of this outfit came about when I discovered that I had a plaid shirt that had almost exactly the same print as the inside of my ripped denim. Thus came about the name of the outfit inside the outside. I always talk about maintaining a soulfulness with what you wear, and I guess, I didn't want to wear two items, plain ripped jeans and just a straight forward plaid shirt around the waist, so I found a different angle. 

I started off this post with a behind the scenes shot of the shoe madness and the general process I go through when it comes to shooting my looks, and maybe giving some of you an insight onto the process An inside the outside look. So here it goes:

1. Inspiration. 
It comes to me at random moments. I could be watching runway shows, perusing through my favourite fashion Tumblrs or stalking people in Instagram. Or I could be watching the VSFS and be inspired by their gypsy section to wear silk shirts (this did happen and I will be posting the respective outfit soon). 

2. General Outfit
There's usually one point in the outfit that I find an focal point of the look. I came about these ripped plaid jeans as I was shopping in one of Sydney's underground street wear boutiques. When I came home, I saw it matched one of my button downs completely and at that moment I knew that would be an outfit. 

3. Finishing the Outfit 
With the focal point of the outfit decided I normally go about completing the rest of the outfit with two central ideas. The first is that the other elements of the outfit are more neutral and thus make the focal point stand out. The second method is to create a balance. In this case the focal point had a lot of colour and print so I chose a tee and pants that were print and colour absent. 

4. Shooting and Accesorising
The finishing step is to choose a location to shoot and actually put the outfit together on set and then add and take away things to the total look and also try to fit in to the environment. 


What I'm Wearing
Black Bronson Fedora (All Saints)
Loose Fit White Tee (Zara)
Ripped Plaid Jeans (Embellish)
Red/Blue Plaid Shirt (Country Road)
White Monochrome Kicks (Aldo)
Gun Metal/Black Bracelet (Urban Outfitters)

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  1. Hey Jono! I really dig this outfit! Just wondering where you got your bracelet and watch from?

    1. Thanks so much! All outfit details are in the body of the post.

      Bracelet: Urban Outfitters
      Watch: Burberry


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