Tuesday, November 25, 2014

If you don't recognise the setting, my photographer and I found the nicest little gem of a spot directly in a construction site under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was extremely noisy so I'm glad (for our ear's sake) that photography is a silent media. If you're ever in Sydney, know that the view below the bridge is as enthralling as the conventional view of the bridge from a distance.

I'm still not very good at posing (but I'm learning) and the chemistry between my photographer and I is still developing but it's a great learning experience with every shoot. Honestly, one year ago I never thought I would be fashion blogging and now I'm still weirded out by the fact that I do it but I know that I've always had a passion for styling and making sure things are presentable. Things are still coming together for me but I can honestly say that this is something I simply love doing and a channel to express my creativity. So for anyone reading, it's absolutely vital that you take immediate steps to pursue things your interested in. Don't put it off, the idea of starting this scared me because I feel out of my depth and it's also something I know I need to put a lot of time into, but that's why it's something I feel like I should do. "If you're dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough."

My obsession with monochrome may become apparent to you soon, but just like my plaid outfit, I sometimes like to put focus on an element of the outfit that differs from the others, and with this outfit I'm trying to direct all the attention to the Chinga jacket's floral sleeve. The detailing extends to the yoke of the jacket and along the bottom hem. The vibe from the print is slightly oriental, but the overall look and feel of the outfit was inspired by my observation of LA street wear in February 2014. 
What I'm wearing 
Floral Sleeve Hoody (Chinga Clothing)
Leather Band Sweats (Zara)
Cocaine and Caviar Hat (Diamonds & Millionaires Clothing Co)
B/W Sweet Classic Suede Sneakers (Nike)

Photo Credit: Lark Visuals

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