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Sunday, November 30, 2014

They often come in different shapes and sizes to suit guys of all body types and preferences, and you slip them on...yes you thought right: Monochrome Kicks! I first came across the style while traveling to LA earlier this year, and now it's everywhere in the USA and down under. It pretty much follows the color blocking principle but is applied to footwear as opposed to clothing. For me, I see these style of shoes really working with an urban and sleek look. If you have any other suggestions of how to wear them fashionably, shoot them in the comments section below.

Read more for some of own and suggestions on how to wear them.

Monochrome White Sneakers (Aldo)
Works best with the overall monochrome look with only shades of black and white. 

Monochrome Red Boots (Palladium
Some think that this look is a bit messy, but I personally switched to the shirt because I thought it was a great match for the background haha. Looking back on this though, a simple black tee would have made the look a lot more sleek. 

Other Suggestions: 
All Red Air Max (Nike)

Or instead of having the shoe contrast the entire look, you could have it fit in with the entire look:

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