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Friday, December 05, 2014

My guide on how to be a ninja...a fashionable ninja? In my travels to LA earlier this year, there was no single style that I was more intrigued by than the street goth aesthetic. I first came across the style in downtown LA, a troop of well dressed men skirted around my best friend and I. At first I was taken aback, they looked like some kind of underground urban gang. However as the parade of black cape hoodies over and underlying snapbacks and bronson fedoras began to depart from us, I could not help but be drawn to their mystery and elegance.

I also realised that this way of dressing would be perfect when I returned back to the Sydney Autumn. I have always been obsessed with black so my intrigue was persistent. This way of dressing is as the name suggests utilities a lot of black and white, and thus means the interest of the outfit tends more toward layering, textures and prints. If you have been following hip hop culture recently, the likes of A$AP Rocky have adopted this way of dressing. And so began my mission during my holiday month to garner pieces warm pieces of monochrome clothing that I could layer and hood myself in. I initially thought I would have to seek a lot of the items in underground avant-garde boutiques but to my surprise, found a lot of usable items in regular labels. It's really your intent and how you coordinate multiple items together that changes your perspective on regular items. 
What I'm wearing
Cocaine & Caviar Snapback (Diamonds and Millionaires)
Black Cape Hood (Zara)
Monochrome White Kicks (Aldo)
White Tee (Ralph Lauren)
Black Chinos (Industrie) 
Round Rim Vintage Sunglasses (Zero UV Eyewear)

Credits: Lark Visuals

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