Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Summer is closing...

And what a summer it's been. I finished my 4th year of university. I partied too hard and spent way too much time at the beach. I finished my work with Australia's biggest online retailer (ASOS) and I started two new internships with Topman and Microsoft. I quit my job selling suits and Myer and spent many days with new friends in undiscovered places in Sydney. 

One of these spots was the gorgeous La Perouse in the south of Sydney City. If you've followed my fashion, you know I've got quite the obsession with heavy urban streetwear. I don't know if I'm getting bored with it, or if I'm changing but I've been interested in trying looks that stray away from this niche. 

And, it is probably the latter. One of the greatest things I learned over this summer is the efficiency of inefficiency. I worked 3 jobs at a time, with full time university, and all my spare time went into guitar, blogging and gym. I would come home with the feeling of bricks tied to my head, and as a result I did not enjoy or even want to do the things I had enjoyed so me. 

So this look encapsulates one feeling. Relaxation. 

Full outfit details below.

What I'm wearing
Straw Hat (H&M)
Linen Shirt (Zara)
Linen Pants (Zara)
Brown Roman Sandals (Witchery Men)
Blueface Silver Watch (Fossil)

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